Country Women’s Association

The Country Women’s Association (CWA) celebrates CWA Sunday on the first Sunday in May and tradition that they visit local churches in turn.

The CWA ladies enjoy this ecumenical Service, parading into the Church carrying the CWA banner, before siting together. At St Cuthbert’s, the Rector includes the CWA Ladies to take part in the service, for example, a member may read the scriptures, say the prayers and the CWA Collect  is included in the Service.

Sometimes, one of our members may be the organist for the day (last time that happened was with Mrs Southwell, who was 100 years old in August 2014).

Teacup Biscuit

Zoe and Ruby

Teacup Biscuit

Mrs Hargreaves, Zoe, Ruby, Tom, Noel Hunt and Archie.

In 2012, the children of St Cuthbert’s made teacups out of biscuits and sweets to hand out to the CWA women in conjunction with Mothering Sunday.