If you are reading this to get information concerning our approach to a wedding,

Congratulations on considering a church wedding!

The majority of weddings in the parish are celebrated in one of the Parish churches, Tungamah or Yarrawonga or less often the Site of Boomahnoomoonah, however our Rector can provide a tailored made Service for you at another venue providing approval is given by the Bishop, marriage can be celebrated off-site.

Why a church?

The church is recognised as the place where God and humanity have come together, recognizing the place of God in the union between Man and Woman.

The Service of Marriage, conducted by a priest within the Church building, may follow a traditional format, though there are alternatives available in wording, structure and so on. As an Anglican Church, the Anglican Rites are used, the Minister who celebrates the marriage is licensed to do so by the Commonwealth of Australia and must abide by the Marriage Act 1961, (as does any marriage celebrant). Within reason, music and other requests can be accommodated.

Well done on thinking of the traditional church wedding, if you decide to pursue the possibility of your marriage here, please contact the Parish Priest, particularly if you have further questions relating to timing. The Priest will undertake marriage preparation sessions with you, as well as working with you on the practical arrangements.

But whatever you do, we wish you God’s blessing in your marriage.

All enquiries to the Rector .