St Oswald’s Site Boomahnoomoonah

Opened 11th May, 1890
Consecrated 23rd February 1913
De-consecrated May 2012
Reconsecrated 18th June 2016

The little weatherboard church of St Oswald’s set amongst the Parishioners farms in a region called Boomahnoomoonah, South East of Yarrawonga, provided a place of worship for over a centenary for those who live encircling the property. Sadly for safety issues and due to age, the church was deconsecrated and demolished in 2012. The land has been preserved for a quiet place of reflection and prayer, a large cross erected: a place where people are welcome to visit, take a picnic, enjoy the serenity and view the ‘Stations of the Cross’. Highly likely you’ll find a local parishioner pass by and stop to say hello!

Boomahnooomoonah Cross
Rex Wright, Boomahnoomoonah 2014

The Booma Cross

At a working bee in the early 80’s, a comment was made about the lack of a Cross on the Booma Church. Rex Wright (pictured, 2014) set about to make things right, and began the difficult task of welding the cross and the ring, which was mounted on the Western end of the Booma church until it was deconsecrated in 2012. The cross was given a new life, when it was raised high on a pole for the Site of Reflection, by Geoff Campbell to maintain a part of this historic church.

Boomahnoomoonah Video

The Station of the Cross in Boomahnoomoonah

The Stations of the Cross in Boomahnoomoonah
Boomahnoomoonah Plaque