Parish Council 2023

Meetings held 1st Tuesday of the month at 8.00 pm

If you have any queries or concerns about matters of the Parish, please take the time to:

  • chat over your concerns and suggestions with any of the Parish Council or
  • submit comments in writing via the Parish Secretary or
  • please leave it in the Rectors tray outside the Parish Office or email 

Parish Council Members 2023

  • Carol Henderson (Secretary)
  • Debra Wright (Treasurer / Warden)
  • Jim Judd (Warden)
  • Yvonne Davies (Warden St Thomas)
  • Kate Burton
  • Doug Davies
  • Max Grinter
  • John Greasley
  • Susie Knight
  • Don Presley
  • Penny Thomas

Parish Council  2023

Parish Council 2019

Back row:  Doug Davies, Geoff Campbell,  Yvonne Davies, John Greasley, Jim Judd.
Front Row:  Carol Henderson,  Debra Wright, Don Presley, Susan Knight, Max Grinter.