The Yarrawonga Anglican Parish

Welcome to our Parish
The Yarrawonga Parish covers a reasonably large area in North East Victoria, (approximately 1,500 square km) and has two active centres.

St Cuthbert’s is obviously the largest centre due to its location at Yarrawonga. Most ministry is conducted from Yarrawonga and financially and in other ways, it is the main centre. The parish ministers to a rural community which is also heavily impacted by tourism and development.

Our southern centre is in the small town of St James, approximately 37 km from Yarrawonga. St. James is situated almost centrally in a cluster of small towns or localities.

Whether your interest in the Parish is that of a visitor to the region or a prospective parishioner, again, welcome.

Our Parish

St. Cuthbert, Yarrawonga
St. Thomas, St. James
St. Oswald, Boomahnoomoonah

Our Parish Mission

“ To allow the light of Christ to shine within us and from us. ”

Our Parish Prayer

God our Father,
Bless this our Parish of Yarrawonga, and help us to love you more. Help our parents give a good example to their children, and our youth to grow in the strength of Christ, so that their lives would be built on a strong foundation of faith. Encircle our families with your loving care.

To the sick bring your compassion, peace and healing; to the aged bring serenity and grace, and to those in sorrow, the comfort of your presence. May each member of our parish family grow stronger in faith and may our love for and understanding of each other become deeper in our daily living.

May we be a church that enables us to show in our lives the love God has for us and to be confident in proclaiming God’s love to others. May the love of God shine within us and from us. We make our prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Our Parish Text

‘You are the light of the world. Let your light shine before others so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.’
Matthew 5: 14-16

Whether your interest in the Parish is that of a visitor to the region or a prospective parishioner, Welcome!