Holy Communion

We gather together from our various places in life, assembling as the community of faith in song and word.

We begin by hearing again the saving acts of God in history, and then reflect on their meaning for today. We offer prayers for those in need, and the whole world, and make known the purposes for which we gather. We take the simple things of Jesus’ time; bread and wine (Holy Communion), and distribute them as Jesus did at the Last Supper, believing that in so doing God is in our midst.

In great joy we then move on with our lives to do the most important mission work of the church, at home, at work and in the world.

The Eucharist

The Eucharist (meaning Thanksgiving) is the central service of the Anglican church. Eucharist is the commemoration of Jesus’ last supper with his disciples. It is the time in which the church believes Christ again becomes present to its current assembly.

Admission to Holy Communion

Our Parish is actively involved in bringing children to receive Holy Communion. Children from the age of 8 are involved in a six week training program and then presented for admission to Holy Communion by the Parish Priest.

All enquiries to the Rector or Teaching Team, for further details.

Since 1981, in accordance with the General Synod, the custom in the Anglican Church is to welcome young children (8 upwards) to Holy Communion. After suitable preparation (six week training program), on an appointed day they are presented for admission to Holy Communion by the Parish Priest and invited to receive their First Communion and continue to do so until they are seek Confirmation by the Bishop.

The request needs to come from the children themselves, they need to be Baptised and of an age where they are able to express a desire to participate in the ministry of the Eucharist. This is on the understanding that we grow into our Baptism, and likewise into the understanding of the sacrament of the Eucharist.

Admission to Holy Communion 2014

In 2014, Rev’d Canon Michael Jones admitted eleven young members of the Yarrawonga Parish for Holy Communion at St. Cuthbert’s.


Baptism, with Holy Communion, form the two great Sacraments of the Anglican Church.
A Sacrament by definition is an outward visible sign of an inward Spiritual Grace.
In Holy Communion, water is the outward sign, new (Spiritual) birth is the inward gift of God.

Confirmation preparation usually takes place over four months and is for those who wish to confirm their baptismal vows. All enquiries to the Rector .

Reception into the Anglican Church

People change from other denominations to the Anglican Church. There is a Service of Reception available where people who make the choice may be admitted into membership of the Anglican Church. This is important in the cases where elections are required to Parish and other church positions.

Renewal of Baptismal Promises

Renewal of Baptismal Promises

The Reception of Baptismal Promises is held periodically for those wishing to renew their Baptismal Vows. During the Easter Service, Fr. may offer the Congregation the opportunity to renew their vows together, as a spiritual family, a wonderful experience for all to behold.

All enquiries to the Rector .