Celebrate The Birth Of Christ


Christmas Eve Services

7 pm YarrawongaAttracts visitors to Yarrawonga, who are joining family or the lovely water sports and camping facilities. This delightful Service is also interactive, allowing members of the congregation young and old to take part (See Photo Gallery below)

9 pm St. James
host the first Christmas Eve Service celebrating the impending birth of Christ.

A Christmas Eve,
Interactive Service,
encouraging members of the congregation,
Young and Old to take part each year.

Christmas Day

9 am Yarrawonga
A bright and joyful celebration takes place

Christmas Service

Sunday before Christmas
10:00am The Nativity
Dress as Angels and Shepherds

December 24th
7:00pm Family Service

December 25th
9.00am Eucharist

December 24th
9.00pm Eucharist

December 25th
Join in at St. Cuthbert’s