Mission Group

Jesus’ Second Commandment is “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR”

The Mission Group endeavours to live this Commandment: Through its involvement in offering support to individuals and groups, we work to assist and improve the education and living circumstances of other people.






The Mission Group Coordinator is Noel Hunt who welcomes new members, together they have provided funds for various Mission Activities:

Church Missionary Society – CMS

CMS workers need a commitment of prayer and financial support. CMS members and link churches have made a commitment to support them in prayer, pastoral care and financial giving for their work. Yarrawonga Parish has supported John and Jill Morshead and Kathryn Presley in Tanzania and Bethany Vaughan in Cambodia.

Our current CMS Missionary is Zoe Creelman (Northern Australia), who was commissioned at Ridley College in Melbourne on 26th January 2022.

Yarrawonga Anglicans Mission
Yarrawonga Anglicans Mission
Yarrawonga Anglicans Mission

 Bethany Vaughan worked in Cambodia

Bethany Vaughan

John and Jill Morshead , were working within the School of Radiography at Muhimbilli Hospital and Theology College at St. Marks University Hospital, which they helped, establish, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (largest city in East Africa).

Yarrawonga Anglicans Mission
Yarrawonga Anglicans Mission
Yarrawonga Anglicans Mission

Katherine Presley was at Canon Andrea Mwaka School in Dodoma, Tanzania was able to use School Aids and books funded by our Group.

Katherine Presley, Yarrawonga Missions
Katherine Presley, Yarrawonga Missions

Letter from Katherine reads as follows

We’re busy practicing for the Easter Production, which has turned into an event bigger than Ben Hur. I’ll try and remember to be in charge next year so that it stays simple. I’m also trying to finish my Science Unit so that they can do their test before the end of term (I ordered mirror glass weeks ago and am still waiting…) They also need to finish their Topic projects (making moving monsters with 3 different methods of making parts move) so that they can be assessed during the holidays (partly to be honest, so that they can be taken home asap, and free up some space in the room). I’m also busy having meetings with the boss re: staffing for next term and also for the next academic year, thinking of, and organizing gifts for the staff who are leaving at end of the academic year as well as trying to plan, teach and the day to day marking.

My class did a really fantastic assembly this morning. The top 2 reading groups wrote and acted 2 plays – Ascension and Pentecost. The news reader read news reports (written by my children as part of our report writing literacy unit) to introduce the plays.

World Vision | Yarrawonga Anglicans Missions

Our 3rd sponsored child Sophia Madeleka Mashieshanga and her community benefit from our sponsorship as did Yandi and Rebecca before her.

Sophia's Letter
Leprosy Mission | Yarrawonga Anglicans Missions

Annual Social occasion to focus on the Leprosy Mission work in fostering awareness of the plight of suffers. Sales, fund raising and shared food are enjoyed by all denominations who come together to learn and to give to those in need: Knitted Bandages, Mitts, Socks and Beanies.

Bible Society of Australia Bibles

Social Nights to raise funds for Bibles for: China x 2, Lebanon, Kenya, Bolivia, Russia etc. have enriched parishioner involvement socially and educationally by special gatherings by focusing on opportunities for those in other countries to access the Word of God with provision of their own bibles.

Anglicare | Yarrawonga Anglican Missions

Through Easter and Christmas Card Sales.

Nungalinya | Yarrawonga Anglicans Missions

Flood Victims Assistance for People in crisis Nungalinya College Northern Territory; Past Support Bush Church Aid: Past Support

Fund raising via…
our annual contributions from Mission Boxes, Trading Table, Pot Luck Soup Program and other activities are boosted by the pledged amount of Parishioner Giving through the Parish Council.

“May we abide in union with each other and the Lord and possess the sweet Communion with each other which earth cannot afford”.

Mission Visits Gallery 2010 and 2012: Mission Sunday with John and Jill

Yarrawonga Anglican Mission
Yarrawonga Anglican Mission

John and Jill Morshead with Serving Team 2010 / Rev’d Canon Michael Jones and John Morshead 2010