Practical Ministry

Annual Renewal Program:

The Yarrawonga Parish Renewal Program, is an annual program (November) where Parishioners offer their commitment to partake in various areas of Ministry Support. A booklet with an encouraging and motivating letter from our Rector with the roles of Ministry Support listed is posted out to Parishioners in early November. The booklet has a pull out page where each Parishioner is encouraged to complete. On the last Sunday in November, one Service is held, for the day, at 10am to thank God for the Gifts we have and to offer our Service to God (collection of the reply sheets).

Practical Ministry is described below:

Practical Ministry | Yarrawonga Anglicans

Breakfast - Sunday

The 7 o’clockers have a social breakfast together after church each Sunday at Yarrawonga. A roster is available on the notice board opposite the kitchen, two people are nominated each week and are responsible for supplying milk, however anyone is welcome to pitch in and help cook toast or assist Jimmy with the dishes!!!

Practical Ministry | Yarrawonga Anglicans

Data Projection

“Data Projection” In 2014 a ceiling data projector was installed in St. Cuthbert’s. We now have regular data projected services including Easter, Christmas, Australia Day and for contemporary services. These occur both at 7 am & 10am services. A number of parishioners operate the computer, but we would welcome more creative input to make the powerpoint’s.”

Practical Ministry | Yarrawonga Anglicans


The St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church has 29 women on the weekly Flower Roster.  We are proud of the presentations we contribute to beautify our church each week. Most ladies contribute just one arrangement each year with a few ladies offering to provide two or three. This encourages everyone to contribute. There are no stipulations for the arrangements and we have quite a range of artistic talents. Some bring potted plants such as ferns or orchids to enhance our church and others use big or small arrangements. The Lord would appreciate all endeavours.

Thank you to all who contribute to the pooled talents at both Christmas and Easter times, donations of flowers are requested to be left at St. Cuthbert’s Christmas Eve and Easter Saturday. These are wonderfully diverse according to what flowers are available, but we always manage to make a delightful show.

Anyone with an interest in floral art or have flowers to donate please chat to Susie Knight or send an e-mail via the Parish E-mail.

Donations welcome!

Flowers can be left at St. Cuthbert’s outside the Chapel on Christmas Eve and Easter Saturday by 8.30am to contribute to our wonderful celebratory displays. If you have flowers to donate at other times of year, you can view the flower roster in the Hall and contact the person rostered.

Practical Ministry | Yarrawonga Anglicans

Lawn Mowing

We have a monthly Mowing Roster which requires people to service the lawns and edges for a month each year, generally the lawns require one or two mows per month, depending on the time of year. Families nominate to mow lawns, as part of our Renewal Program.

Practical Ministry | Yarrawonga Anglicans

Morning Tea

The 10 o’clockers have a social morning tea (soup in winter) together after church each Sunday at Yarrawonga. A roster is available on the notice board opposite the kitchen, two volunteers are rostered on each week who are responsible for supplying milk, setting up the cups and saucers, providing jugs of water for the children, serving plates of biscuits or other delights and of course always left with the dishes!!!

Practical Ministry | Yarrawonga Anglicans

Rubbish Removal

A trailer is situated between the Rectory garage and Flower room for lawn clippings and major rubbish. A few generous men keep an eye on the level and mysteriously make a tip run when required. The council collect the general rubbish bin weekly (Monday mornings) and alternate collection of the Recycle and Green Waste bins.  Help to put out the Church bins is required on Sunday evenings.

Practical Ministry | Yarrawonga Anglicans


During winter, Parishioners at St Cuthbert’s are fortunate to enjoy a cup of soup after the 10am service. For those who can make soup, a list is put up in early June for 2-3 volunteers to make soup each week, heat and serve from the kitchen. Soup can be purchased for lunch after church at a small donation which is part of our Mission Groups annual fund raiser.

Practical Ministry | Yarrawonga Anglicans

Working Bees

St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church has four Working Bees each year, these are announced via our “Harvest” weekly newsletter, all ages are welcome to assist. This approach is easier to address the practical ministry rather than let our grounds become overgrown and too big a task. The Working Bees concentrate on garden weeding and pruning, church pews are dusted and oiled, brass work polished and general building maintenance. Some of these duties are performed on a regular basis by our parishioners.

We always like to see new faces help on these occasions but rely on a small band of regulars. Joyce Tait has made the delicious morning teas for as long as we like to remember.

We welcome anyone in the congregation to join in the fun and assist, always rewarded with a cuppa and cakes.