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St Cuthbert’s Flower Roster

The flower roster is managed by Susie Knight who would love to hear from you if you wish to add your name to the roster or if you have flowers to provide for the floral arrangements. Susie draws up the roster per calendar year. A copy is located on the notice board in the Church Hall opposite the kitchen doorway and each person on the roster is provided with a copy.

The person nominated for the week is responsible for:

  • clearing away old flower arrangements and
  • providing new flowers for the Sunday services, this is usually performed on Saturday morning
  • weddings / funerals during the week (if unavailable, Susie can seek another volunteer)

The flower room holds a variety of vases to choose from and a supply of artificial flowers should the weather be unkind to fresh flower availability.

Donations Welcome for Seasonal Events:

We welcome donations of flowers any time, please bring flowers to the church 9am on Saturday morning prior to our Special Services particularly at Easter and Christmas.

Palm Sunday – our Church is decorated with Palm Fronds any donations, please chat to our Rector. Palm crosses are made by the ecumenical group a week prior, anyone interested on learning to make Palm crosses please contact Susie Knight for dates.

St Thomas’s Floral Team

consists of two ladies rostered on each month whose duties include:

  • all aspects of cleaning
  • flower arranging
  • setting up the vessels for the Eucharist
  • washing them afterwards and packing them away

Any willing volunteers can speak with the Warden at St Thomas – Yvonne Davies.

Palm Cross Craft

Palm Cross Craft

In 2012, a new tradition began….we were thrilled to combine with Sacred Heart ladies to make our annual Palm Crosses. This has always been a fun session and now, with the combination of the two church groups it is even more so.

Susi Knight organizes the palms which have been picked a few days prior. Palm strips are ready and soaking in water to keep them supple. Then we all take a strip and try hard to recall our technique from the previous year.

Palm Cross Craft Team

Team: 7th April 2014
Palm Cross making at St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church with Sacred Heart Church, Yarrawonga. Janice Jones (CoA), Noel Hunt (CoA), Noreen Nieuwenhout (R.C), Angus Quinn (R.C), Carolanne Terry (CoA) Lesley Presley (CoA), Anne Gleeson (R.C.) Fay Martin (R.C.), Sr. Eileen Dowling (R.C.).

We make over 350 crosses which are distributed at the various church services on Palm Sunday with children handing out crosses for the Eucumenical Service in Kennedy Park.

Creating Palm Crosses has become a delightful tradition in Yarrawonga, with ladies from both churches meeting for a practical, fun and enjoyable morning.

Look out for dates in the “Harvest”