Life’s greatest certainty is the inevitability of death.

At times, due to accident, death comes as an enormous shock to us. At other times, though sad, in can be regarded as a welcome release from suffering or pain.

A Christian Service, obviously considers the place of God in the life of the person who has died and also in the lives of those who mourn. A Christian Service is intended to point beyond the current grief and loss to capture the hope which comes through Christian belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

The church service is usually structured towards this end, we acknowledge loss and reflect on the one who has died. This is a time of celebration as much as of grief, as we give thanks for the life which has been lived, acknowledging and celebrating achievements.

Planning a Service

is both complex and quick!!

In this parish we meet with the family and ‘tailor’ parts of the service to family needs while at the same time preserving the Christian content of the Service. The family, funeral director and priest work together to provide special memories of your loved one.

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