Debutante Ball

St Cuthbert’s Anglican Church holds a Debutante Ball in the first week of July each year, held in the Grand Yarrawonga Town Hall.

The Ball is open to all young ladies and their partners aged 16 – 18 years from the Yarrawonga Community and surrounding areas. Interested ladies can contact the Yarra Anglicans via email for more information.

St Cuthbert’s has been running the Debutante Ball since 1945. Though many young women from the church have participated in the Ball over those years, attendance today is mainly from the wider community, and remains proudly supported by St Cuthbert’s Anglican Church.

The Ball is a grand occasion in a grand venue and we value participants maintain responsibility to ensure the Ball continues to be enjoyed by all.

2014 Debutante Set:

Celebrating St. Cuthbert’s,
70 years with Seven Decades of Dance!

 Congratulations to the wonderful team who teach and support these young people

Debutante Ball 2014

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Code of Conduct

The Ball, is formal in nature with strict behaviour (no alcohol) and dress codes apply. Dance Training is provided for 8-10 weeks preceding the Ball.

Debutante Ball 2014