Yarrawonga Anglican Parish

Welcome to the Yarrawonga Anglican Parish

Our parish covers a reasonably large area, (approx. 1,500sq.km) with two active Centres, the main and major one is St Cuthbert’s at Yarrawonga and 36km south there is the church of St. Thomas in the township of St. James.

You may like to read more of the parish history on this website.

Our Parish is part of the Diocese of Wangaratta, which is roughly the north east quarter of Victoria and like most of rural Australia has large areas with small populations.

You can read more about the Diocese at www.wangaratta-anglican.org.au/

Yarrawonga Anglican Church Palm Sunday 2020
Letter from the Bishop
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The Anglican Diocese of Wangaratta, including all ministry units within the Diocese, has zero tolerance for abuse. We believe that all people, including children and vulnerable adults, have the right to be respected and valued and to feel emotionally, physically and spiritually safe at all times. We are committed to providing a safe, respectful, welcoming and positive environment for children and adults from all backgrounds. If you have experienced or suspect abuse you can report it to the Director of Professional Standards on 1800 377 842 (1800 DPSVIC).
The Director of Professional Standards can also be contacted by email professionalstandards@wangaratta-anglican.org.au or by mail at PO Box 337, Canterbury VIC 3126.