St. Cuthbert’s Friendlies

“Friendlies” is held monthly at 1.30pm on 1st Thursday of most months

The early afternoon  program involves a short devotional service, a celebration of birthdays followed by entertainment by volunteers, afternoon tea and chatting! Volunteers who have entertained our Wise and Wonderful, are the Sacred Heart Primary School Choir, “Cebelia,” Barbara Hird, Colin Hough, Tony Bradshaw, Trevor Hargreaves and the Ecumenical Choir.

There is no cost to the attendees and
the afternoon tea is provided by the St. Cuthbert Ladies.


no planned dates as yet for 2022


A chance to catch up with old and new friends and enjoy an outing in our local community, normally finishes by 3 p.m.
If you wish to attend and would like to be collected from your home please contact:
Carol Henderson on 0417122533 a few days before to arrange a lift.

Mother’s Day Celebration on 3rd May 2016

Sacred Heart Students giving a rousing performance.

Mother's Day Celebration 2016
Mothers's Day 2016

Mrs. Ruby Purtle who celebrated her 99th Birthday.

Mothers's Day 2016

Edna Echells and Val Looms