Synod Representative

A yearly assembly of the Clergy and Laity of The Diocese of Wangaratta for discussing and deciding Ecclesiastical Affairs.Conducted over two days in May.

Yarrawonga Parish Representatives:

John Wallace
Penny Thomas

  • The Bishop
  • Chancellor
  • Law Officer acting as Vicar General to the Bishop Advocate
  • Legal Counsellor
  • Registrar
  • Treasure
  • All Clergy both ordained and Lay Clergy
  • Lay Representatives from Each Parish Council


  • Review of all areas of the Diocese operation. This includes, Financial Structure and Investments and changes required for the Diocese to meet current operating requirements as today’s society and regulations demand.
  • Reports from all Church Associated Activity. These include Schools, Retirement Villages etc.
  • Discuss plans for the further improvement in all areas of the Diocese’s Operation.

Synod within Australia

The General Synod brings representatives of Anglican Christians, to share concerns that we share about our Christian faith, practice and to discern God’s will for us as a Christian community. Consequently, we come together for worship, fellowship and to discern how we may be faithful together.

Representatives come together on the basis of the Constitution of our Church with our shared commitments, beliefs and priorities. We also come together as Australians with the opportunity to consider how we relate to each other as a fellow Christians in one national community. We have the chance to chart how we might be faithful in this society, in terms of its spiritual, moral and social welfare, for the time ahead. The purpose of the meeting is therefore to achieve three ends:

  • being Christian with each other in an appropriate fashion;
  • being faithful and active in this society; and
  • relating positively to other Christian bodies

Standing Orders

Rules govern how the General Synod conducts its business (otherwise known as Standing Orders), the powers and duties of Standing Committee, General Synod elections, and procedures concerning the Constitution.

General Synod Privacy Policy was adopted by resolution of the General Synod Standing Committee in November 2013. The General Synod Office collects personal information from members of Synod. For details on the use of this information please click here .