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Parish Office

Church and Office

41 Piper St
(P.O. Box 1)
Yarrawonga 3730
Phone: 03 5744 3045
Mobile: 0427 584 624

Office Bearers

Parish Secretary / Treasurer

Secretary: Carol Henderson
Treasurer: Debbie Wright


Jim Judd, Debra Wright, Don Presley (St Cuthbert)
Yvonne Davies (St. Thomas)

Council Members

Carol Henderson, Geoff Campbell, Doug Davies, John Ellis, Max Grinter, Noel Hunt, Susie Knight, Janet Schweda and Penny Thomas

Incumbency Committee

Jim Judd, Peter Henderson and Debbie Wright

Supplementary Representatives

Don Presley and Penny Thomas

Synod Representatives

Beryl Hargreaves and John Wallace

Office Support

Beryl HargreavesBeryl Hargreaves

Parish News – The Harvest

The Harvest (Pew Sheet) is printed and collated weekly on a Thursday morning, ready for distribution at each Sunday Service. The Workbook for Kid’s Church is printed courtesy of Mossman/ Port Douglas Anglican Ministry District, available for any children attending Church.

The Harvest consists of a message from our Rector, the 28 Day Parish Diary, Weekly Services Schedule, Rosters, This Week and Local News of forthcoming events.

The Service Sheet, contains Prayer Matters – You are welcome to speak to the Rector if you wish to add to those listed.

Please bring items for the Pew Sheet and other items for printing to the Rector’s tray – outside Office door (Parish Hall) by 9.30am Thursday morning or email: and write “Pew Sheet” in the subject line.