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Celebrate The Birth Of Christ

Our Christmas Services commence with our
Annual Nativity Pageant
at 10am on the Sunday prior to Christmas

a St Cuthbert’s All Age Worship Experience (AWE) – and it is just that!

Dress Code: All welcome to come dressed as Shepherds, Animals, Kings and Angels

In 2013, we had senior members of our congregation (see photos of Wise Men and Angel) joining our young folk dressing up and acting out the Nativity (someone said they didnt get a chance when they were young…), culminating in the Manger Scene in front of the altar.


Christmas Eve Services

9am Yarawonga
2017 – One Parish Sunday morning service held in St. Cuthbert’s Yarrawonga, join us for a Eucharist at 9am

7pm Yarawonga
Attracts visitors to Yarrawonga, who are joining family or the lovely water sports and camping facilities. This delightful Service is also interactive, allowing members of the congregation young and old to take part (See Photo Gallery below)

9pm St. James
host the first Christmas Eve Service celebrating the impending birth of Christ.

Christmas Day

9.00 am Yarrawonga
A bright and joyful celebration takes place

A Christmas Eve,
Interactive Service,
encouraging members of the congregation,
Young and Old to take part each year.

In 2012, the well known Christmas story of ‘Wombat Divine’ by Australian author Mem Fox was re- created by our junior members of St. Cuthbert’s with hand puppets.

In 2013, ‘The Christmas Story’ was narrated in 3 parts through the eyes of the ‘Animals in the Barn’, seven ordinary animals (sheep, donkey, dog, calf, dove, lamb, cat) who realised the importance of each one to Baby Jesus. To ensure everyone was listening, the congregation were asked to make the appropriate animal sound when the animals of the barn were mentioned!
Carols “Little Donkey” the “Cat and Mouse” and “Away in a Manger” were sung. The service concluded with a Eucharist and the catchy tune “Come and Join the Celebration.”

In 2014, we repeated the well known children’s story “Wombat Divine” with Fraser Ingram narrating the story, Cliona Ingram the Director (Emu) and Hamish Ingram playing the character of popular Wombat. Our parish children filled in the rest of the actors, Tom Coffey – Joseph: acting as (Bilby), Zoe Schweda – Mary (koala) Janet Schweda Angel Gabrielle (Cockatoo), the Wallace Children being the 3 wise men (kangaroos), Briana the Innkeeper (Echidna) and Shepherd Ruby.

Christmas Service

Sunday before Christmas
10:00am The Nativity
Dress as Angels and Shepherds

December 24th
7:00pm Family Service

December 25th
9.00am Eucharist

December 24th
9.00pm Eucharist

December 25th
Join in at St. Cuthbert’s